Grandpa Returns Nike Air Mags

Have you seen our viral video “Grandpa Returns Nike Air Mags”? @Solefirepa heads out to Finishline, Footlocker, and Champs Sports to return the iconic Nike Air Mags for store credit. What will the employees reactions be?

With over 4 Million views on Youtube and 18 Million views on Facebook, Grandpa has become a hit on Youtube and in the sneaker culture.

Posted: November 9th, 2018


Grandpa Returns Nike Air Mags Part 2

After the overwhelming success of our first video, we headed to New York City and filmed Grandpa Returns Nike Air Mags Part 2. We stopped by Time Square, Nike: House of Innovation, Flightclub, and more with the same objective. This time, Grandpa was spotted by fans of our first video across the entire city.

Posted: December 21st, 2018


I Think My Grandpa Is Addicted To Supreme

As @solefirepa continues to learn about the sneaker and streetwear culture, he has really taken an interest into Supreme. I decided to pay him a visit, to truly see how invested he is into this brand. Turns out, it’s worse than I thought. Take a look at Grandpa’s daily routine has he becomes addicted to Supreme.

Posted: January 30th, 2019


Boston Got Sole / Grandpa’s First Sneaker Show

Tune in and watch @Solefirepa attend Boston Got Sole, New England’s Greatest Sneaker Convention at Gillette Stadium home of the New England Patriots. This was Grandpa’s first Sneaker Show and he enjoyed every minute of it. Grandpa was recognized by vendors and sneakerheads from his video returning Nike Air Mags. He was also able to put on a pair of Nike Air Mags at the show thanks to Shoptwo3.

Posted: February 19th, 2019


Grandpa Discovers Rap

As @solefirepa continues to dive into the sneakers and streetwear, he has become familiar with some rap hits that go hand in hand with the culture. Watch Grandpa discover his Grandson’s current playlist featuring Drake, Travis Scott, Migos and more.

Posted: Feburary 27th, 2019


Sneakercon Cleveland / Grandpa’s First Sneakercon

In March, we took a road trip to Cleveland, Ohio and brought Grandpa to his first Sneakercon. We had no idea what kind of recognition he would receive, but his fans were overwhelming. Hundreds and hundreds of fans approached us with kinds words and requests for photos to the point we couldn’t even get in line. Eventually, building security escorted us into the event where lines began to form to meet and greet Grandpa. We were interviewed by a number of organizations including Yahoo Finance, Amazon and Actor Jeff Goldblum for National Geographic. We also met a young fan named Michael who touched our hearts as a company. Take a look at our footage from Cleveland as Grandpa enjoys his first Sneakercon.

Posted: March 22nd, 2019


Sole Fire Pa Visits Urban Necessities - New York City

Watch @solefirepa take a visit to the new Urban Necessities in New York City on Broadway. We talked to him about some of his favorite sneakers, how he got into the sneaker game, and what he grew up wearing be raised in Boston.